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Legal Consultant Projects Consultant Information Services

INVESTCONSULT GROUP has been the nest of lawyers, experts with good qualifications, experiences to render legal consultancy services to the community of foreign investors and local entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Thanks to the collection of professional – recognized manpower, it is very proud for INVESTCONSULT GROUP to deal with big groups over the world as well as leading enterprises in Vietnam. The keys of our success over the two last decades and the future are thanks to the plenty of experiences, the expertise of legal system of Vietnam, the profound understandings of norms, customs, and culture of Vietnam, deep perception of client psychology, and the fluency of English.

As two subsidiaries of INVESTCONSULT GROUP, INVESTCONSULT LEGAL SERVICES (1994) and INVESTCONSULT – SOUTH LEGAL (2004) have been existing to expose the professionalism when rendering legal services and legal consultancy services to satisfy diverse and delicate requirements of clients, such as:

Enterprise establishment  
Commercial disputes
International commercial contracts   Labor
Tax consultant services   Intellectual Property
Enterprise purchase and sale      
Enterprise establishment
Before the incompletion of the legislations of Vietnam, INVESTCONSULT GROUP has advised clients on and consulted authorities with legal issues and point out comprehensive solutions which have facilitated businesses of investors and brought benefits to the country. Our services are mainly:
Investment projects due to market demands, and/or investment calls or encourages from authorities;
Effective strategies and forms of investments;
Search of partners based on demands of clients;
Document preparations for new enterprise establishments ;
Arrangements to have investment certificates in accordance with laws of Vietnam and in line with demands of clients;
International commercial contracts  
It is the trend developing that negotiations, discussions, agreements, trades-off, are integral to activities of enterprises in Vietnam and foreign investors. In considerations of targets, conceptions of clients in compliance with the legislations of Vietnam, not only do we support clients prepare contract recording results, undertaking reached but also consult them to prevent from potential risks, disputes, legislative conflicts. As a result, contracts we prepare are considerately win-win negotiations, delegations. They are not only tools to prevent from risks, but also means which supports contractual parties mutually.

INVESTCONSULT GROUP has succeeded to participate contractual negotiations, discussions, adjustments between local and foreign parties in fields:
Land, construction, biding;
Property hire, hire-purchase, transfer, mortgage, deposit;
Capital finance (inclusive of syndicated loans domestically or oversea);
Franchises, sale, purchase, distribution of goods;
Co-operative contracts, joint venture agreements;
Share deals;
Technical assistance contracts;
Tax consultant services
Tax issues are always top concerns of enterprises. Changes to tax policies affect business of enterprises so materially that INVESTCONSULT has given hand to them promptly:
Consultancy of tax effects on every form of enterprises;
Consultancy of preparing periodical financial statements, monthly tax declarations;
Consultancy of the Value - Added Tax and the Corporate Income Tax;
Consultancy of investment incentives, Corporate Income Tax holidays;
Preparation for Corporate Income Tax holidays;
Tax advices on Agreements on Double Taxation Avoidance the avoidance of double taxation between Vietnam and other countries applicable in Vietnam;
Tax advices on income tax of high income earners and supports of tax finalizations;
Advices on exemptions and refunds of import duties;
INVESTCONSULT becomes the reliable bridge to connect potential parties cooperatively and comprehensively when investors interested in M&A. What our clients are supported is:

Suitable solutions to restructure enterprises;
Tax advices on enterprise restructures;
Shortlist of potential partners;
Preparation for feasibility studies, due diligences;
Participations in negotiation;
Preparation for sale contracts and other related legal instruments;
Commercial disputes Click vào đây để quay về đầu trang
Due to the globalization trends, it is hard for transactional parties to avoid commercial disputes, disagreements arising from conflict of commercial practices, laws, cultures. With the advantages of the expertise of legal system of Vietnam, the profound understandings of commercial culture in Vietnam, INVESTCONSULT GROUP takes a role as the mediator who helps parties to reach an agreements against conflicts in the win-win and confident manners. Not only such self-conciliation save costs and time but also helps them more sympathetic, understandable with each other, improving their partner relationships.
Labor Click vào đây để quay về đầu trang
Labor relations always take the essential roles to the stable development of an enterprise. As a private company, INVESTCONSULT GROUP is aware hereof profoundly. Always accompanying clients, INVESTCONSULT GROUP is ready to consult:
Labor policies of Vietnam effective from time to time;
Regulations on salary, allowances, insurance policies applicable to employees;
Drafting employment contracts, labor regulations, collective labor agreements;
Labor disputes;
Intellectual Property Click vào đây để quay về đầu trang
INVESTCONSULT GROUP is one of the top-ranking organization providing intellectual property services in Vietnam. The Company is a member of INTERNATIONAL TRADEMARK ASSOCIATION (INTA) and its senior lawyers are members of the ASIAN PATENT ATTORNEY ASSOCIATION (APAA). The Company provides with consultancy services on intellectual property, being the representative on intellectual property and consultancy services on proceedings and resolving intellectual property violations:
To check status registering protection of the intellectual property rights in Vietnam;
To advise on and prepare documents to register protection of intellectual property rights in Vietnam and oversea;
To advise on contracting technical assistance or transfer of intellectual property rights in Vietnam;
To be representative in resolving the disputes of intellectual property right infringements;